Welcome to AZ Talent CoOp!

Collaborate * Ideate * Grow

The AZ Talent CoOp was created to bring together people-centered associations for leveraging our collective resources to enable our associations to grow. As a result we better support those who serve people at work. We are confident that you will gain insight and professional growth from these events and perhaps find great connections in one of our associations.

Our Pillars


Stay relevant for our current and future members in our topics and our approaches

Each of our associations represent professionals who are people centered subject matter experts. These professionals are at various stages their careers. The goal of the Talent CoOp is to bring together people professionals for educational and networking opportunities. We are confident that attendees will gain insight and professional growth from these events and perhaps find their “people” in one of our associations.

Shared Events

Increase attendance and participation of both members and partners.

There are many great professional events in the Greater Phoenix area and beyond. Creating a calendar of events of the participating associations makes it easy to find timely information on topics that are impacting the business community today. Collaborating with other associations helps us bring topics that have mass appeal and speakers from across the country and around the world.

Board Development

Workshops and Learning Opportunities for Board Members

Offer two workshops/learning opportunities annually on 501c6 governance and leadership, and leverage this co-op community to support the effectiveness of our boards. Our BOD development sessions will enhance our ability to attract new and maintain current members. As how we work changes, our boards will stay up to date on governance, and increasingly improve the membership experience.

Professional Development

Offer plenty of opportunities for professional development.

Maximize Professional Development of participating organizations members using:
* Single platform to match a potential member to the right organization
* Strategic, thematic future focused event planning
* Advance our collective profession by leveraging integration opportunities and research across disciplines

Our Members