April 24, 2019

The Power of Building Your Tribe

Two years ago, a group of association leaders came together to explore a different way of thinking about professional associations. The group recognized that all association leaders had common goals for the membership experience. All were working to enhance the member experience though technology, leveraging volunteer and sponsor resources, and to create a smooth transition of leadership for their associations.

One common message from all of our leaders and their members was the desire to expand their network and connect.  Some wanted connections as they moved through their careers. Some are departments of one looking for peers with which to brainstorm. Some were looking for a safe place to explore new ideas. Some were looking for new ways to support their organizations. Some were looking for ways to connect to a movement that challenged the status quo.

On a personal level, I was looking for a way to connect to those who support the different people functions as we move forward with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 4IR.  What I received was so much more.

As a result of being a part of creating a collaborative and inclusive space for all People associations’ leaders and professionals to come together and support one another, I found my Tribe.

I met Organizational Development professionals, Tiffanie Dillard and Todd Weinstein who are helping reshape organizations for the future,  to support technology and how people come to work. I met Jeannie Duncan and Joy Lubeck of ICF who understand that bringing awareness of your whole self to leadership roles will move enterprises forward. I met Laura Renaud and Ina Hefner who have a deep understanding how critically important Talent Development will shape organizational change in the next decade. Phebe Jones, Eric Knott, Shannon Teixeira and Matt Wilson are working to bring the very best continuing education for certification to HR subject matter experts and generalists. Sheila Krueger and Bob Meehan have brought programs that look at the strategic implications of Total Rewards. Joe Carella and Tonsa Price Edwards at the Executive Forum are leading the charge to provide programming that builds transformational leaders.  Lindsay Moellenberndt delivers quality programing to a cross section of business owners and professionals in the Valley. I connected with strategic sponsorship partners who understand that collaboration beats competition all day long. The advisory board members do so as volunteers giving back valuable time to their professions and the community.

The one thing we are all passionate about is challenging the status quo in how we support business owners and professionals to realize their potential in the marketplace. Join us and find your Tribe.

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