September 9, 2019

AZ Talent CoOp Now and the Future

AZ Talent CoOp Now and the Future


Exciting things happen with collaboration!

The Talent CoOp has collaborated with Hillary Kuenn on the challenges faced by companies and candidates talent acquisition experience. We will continue to host virtual meetups discussing solutions to the challenges of talent acquisition in a tight labor market. In early 2020 we have plans for a larger talent acquisition hack covering the employee and employer TA experience.

In June 2019 we held a successful membership and networking event, Build Your Tribe, for those individuals looking for opportunities to join a community of professionals for networking and sharing expertise. Below are some of the activities and initiatives in the works.

BOD Development: Last October Tiffanie Dillard, Jeannie Duncan and Ted Smith hosted a BOD development workshop focusing on the duties responsibilities and possibilities of serving on a board of a professional organization. The response and feedback were overwhelmingly positive and we will repeat the workshop again this Fall. Registration information coming soon.

Professional Development: The Talent CoOp is also researching how to support the HR communities and beyond in their journey to their best career life through professional development. Committee members are Laura Renaud, Miles Overholt, Nicole Garcia, Nick Tobey and Mary Henry.

Shared Events: The CoOp events chairs will be looking at how we leverage our events that serve those people professionals who drive business results for 2020.

Upcoming Events:  ATRA is hosting their Annual Conference on September 26th. The ICF ACC is hosting an event October 5th, LEADERSHIFT. Both events will add value and sharpen the competencies needed for leading your best career life.

Are you looking for a way to give back? Looking to find professionals that share you values and goals? Whether you have an hour to give, or a day to give, the collective time helps us create more than was possible alone. Contact or any of our board of advisors for information on how to join our open source community.

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