November 7, 2019

Talent Acquisition is Busted Part Two

I then went looking for the employer’s point of view.

As part of the 22nd CEO survey, PWC Talent Trends Survey 2019 states that 79% of CEO’s are concerned about having the right skills to compete in the global marketplace. Of those CEO’s 46% said significant training and upskilling are needed to innovate and execute. According to PWC five key points for CEO’s are

  1. People-related analytics must improve.
  2. Business leaders need to be much clearer about their reskilling strategy and what that really means for their workforce (55% haven’t yet created a clear narrative about the future of their workforce and automation.
  3. The external narrative will be equally important.
  4. Reskilling is only part of the story. It’s more important than ever that organisations create a workplace where people want, and not just need, to work each day.
  5. A changing workplace needs a new approach to workplace management. The way in which people are measured, incentivised and rewarded will have to change.

PWC also discovered that top talent prefers to work for organizations with social values which are aligned to their own. Did the applicant tracking system screen for values, sense of purpose, quality of character, ethical behavior, or leadership potential?

Getting and keeping top talent will be topic we will examine and report winning strategies over the next few months leading up to a spring event focused on the Employee Experience.  Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

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