July 6, 2020

AZ Talent CoOp HR4HR Recap


AZ Talent CoOp HR4HR Recap 

During the second quarter of 2020, AZ Talent CoOp leaders Mary Henry, Shannon Teixiera and Hillary Kuenn formed a weekly webinar series with the purpose of providing support to human resource professionals tasked with overcoming unprecedented challenges. The thought process behind the series was simple, “give help, and get help.” Over the course of 3 months, a total of 11 webinars covered topics such as grief in the workplace, the importance of listening and the necessity of self-care and wellbeing.

Each of the sessions was led by a guest facilitator or speaker, further driving a key mission of AZ Talent CoOp, utilizing an individual’s expertise for impact for the greater good the community.  Here are some of the highlights:

“Finding Your Identity: How to Know and Love Yourself During the Difficult Times”

Kate Rogers Sieker builds companies, aligns cultures and engages communities by empowering people to be their best, authentic self. Kate kicked off the HR4HR series with a deeply personal and engaging discussion expressing the importance of knowing yourself, so that you can be the best person you can for others when they need you most.

“What does HR look like in a post-COVID world?”

Stacie Mallen.

How can HR show even greater value to both leadership and your employee base? What are the actions, initiatives, and priorities that will deliver the greatest value? In this segment, we will break down some best practices that high-performance teams are integrating and what you can learn from them

“Understanding the Psychological and Emotional New Workplace”

Miles Overholt.

Where we work, when we work, and how we work are currently in great flux. Work and home are no longer distinct and separate. This shift has had a significant psychological impact at all levels of an organization. Dr. Miles Overholt will lead us as we discuss how to support employees, the business and customers through this time of transformational change.

“Listening at Work”

Anna Marie Trester and Katherine Nelson led an interactive conversation about listening in the workplace. With the unprecedented move to remote work, probably the most important – and often overlooked or underestimated – tool for skillfully navigating this moment of rapid change is that of listening.


“Leading Beyond Covid-19”

by Melissa Lamson

We will get through this pandemic and when we do we want to be able to say we handled it in the best possible manner. What do you want to be known for? What kind of leader do you want to be? How would you like others to see you?


“Here Today Gone Tomorrow: Rebuilding Diversity Programs that Matter”


by Erica Scott

So why are companies left and right cutting the programs and training?  Unfortunately, some companies used diversity to check a box.  The result is many making mistakes or missteps when it comes to diversity with painful consequences.   There are tremendous value and competitive advantages with mindful and inclusive diversity programs.  Learn about the impact of COVID on your workforce and how to manage diversity going forward.

9 Lies About Work


by Ashley Goodall

His first experiences of teams and leadership were as a student musician and conductor. He was fascinated by the unspoken understanding between people playing together and carried this fascination into the corporate world. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Leadership and Team Intelligence (LTI) at Cisco, a new organization he has built to focus entirely on serving teams and team leaders, and which aims to reveal the answers to some of the most challenging questions about work. What is special about the best teams? Why do we follow one leader and not another? How can we make more teams like our best teams, and more leaders like our best leaders?

We recorded these discussion calls, and those on the calls shared tips and resources. If you would like to view past calls or be notified of future calls and events of the AZ Talent CoOp, join our Linked In group, follow us on Twitter, OPT IN  to receive our newsletter, or email mary@aztalentcoopllc.com.

Many thanks to our facilitators for taking time to share their expertise. Special thanks to Hillary Kuenn, Shannon Teixeira, Sarah Grone, and all of the AZ Talent CoOp advisory board members and the leadership teams at AZ ODN, ATD-VOS, ATRA, NAAAHRAZ, A-Z Biz Link, AZHREF, AZ SHRM, ICF Arizona for bringing quality programing to the People community and supporting the programming of the Talent CoOp, so that we can all have an Impact for the greater good.

Look for our next series, Bringing to Reality a Future that Fosters Opportunity for All. Frank Reid will take is through “Identifying and Solving for Systemic Discrimination the Workplace.”

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