August 4, 2020

Creating Opportunity for All

AZ Talent CoOp Series:  Opportunity for All


At the risk or pointing out the obvious, 2020 is shaping up to become a year of great change. I believe that this is an opportunity to step back with a critical eye, and determine what norms are worthy of continuation. Specifically the way we determine norms in the way of work.

The opportunities to contribute are not equally available to all. Gender, age, religion, national origin are still barriers to greater responsibility and earning potential. To better understand why 70 years later we are still having these discussions, there are several resources. DRAW, White Fragility and Gender Gap to mention a few. A report from the EEOC outlines the State of Age Discrimination and Older Workers and states that this discrimination is costly and still widespread.

The cost of disengagement is between 450-550 billion in lost productivity and another 64 billion in replacing 2 million workers who left their employer due to unfair treatment.

This series through the AZ Talent CoOp is designed to examine segments of the population where opportunities to contribute and thrive are not always equal. We will also discuss how to change the narrative of the workplace to increase opportunities for all. Here are just a few of the topics we are tackling in Q3 of 2020.

Frank Reid walked us through the disconnect of why some believe there is no longer inequity in the workplace and what systems to examine to eliminate bias and discrimination.

Stephanie Sims lead the discussion on how to start your business and what questions you should answer before and during your business formation.

Merle Riepe will be with us  and will discuss seven solutions to reduce bias in your hiring and promotion decisions. This will be an opportunity to learn from all participants with regard to the tactics they implement in recruiting, assessments, interviewing, and talent potential discussions to ensure candidates are hired and promoted based on their competence and character. August 13th, 2020  Register 

Teresa Marzolph will lead the way in discussing how Psychological Safety and its impact on how we prepare for and have difficult conversations. August 27th, 2020 Register 

Hillary Kuenn specializes in career counseling and placement readiness. She will share her experience when working with older experienced workers who are in transition. Registration for these events will be on the AZ Talent CoOp calendar soon, so save the dates! September 10th, 2020 Register

A portion of the proceeds from registration for these events goes to Waste Not, a local non profit that collects an average of 8-10,000 pounds of excess perishable food daily from caterers and grocers – food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Join us. Creating More Than was Possible Alone.

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